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Asguard can offer kinds of professional protective facial mask.At present, there are five class II medical consumables,including disposable medical mask, medical surgical mask, medical protective mask, sterile gauze and sterile application, and more than ten class I consumables, as well as a clean production workshop. In addition, our disposable medical masks and surgical masks have obtained CE certification and FDA certification. Kn95 masks meet the European FFP2 personal protection standards, and have obtained CE certification.Strive to bring the “baisy” brand mask to the world.

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China wholesale disposable medical facemask

Before this COVID-19, the disposable medical facemask is just labeled for hospitals, surgeries, and other medical and healthcare institutes. Now, wearing a protective disposable facemask or other forms of facial covering is a vital step in stopping the continuous spread of the coronavirus and other viruses. One of the most effective and easiest steps you can take, as an individual responsibility, is to wear any type of facial covering when you go out in public. Many of the countries are mandating face masks use in all their public places.

For your country, we, Asguard is a manufacture and exporter of high-quality fm disposable facemask and KN95 facemask all over the world. the process of placing an order and receiving the order is very convenient. We provide various types of facemask from kids to adults. Different sizes and colors are available; you can order according to your need. if you order either one packet of fm disposable facemask or in bulk quantity, we promise our services and quality of all facemasks remain the same. We export supreme quality disposable facemask for the prevention of disease to the whole world. We understand all these are dangerous, confusing, and uncertain situations. That's why ASGUARD wants to remind our customers that we are here just for your healthcare. we support you all the time by offering wholesale disposable facemasks that are durable, soft, flexible, and comfortable. The elastic, comfortable earloop and 3-D shaped nose strip make the facemask very comfortable, adjustable and face fit.

Asguard provides quality, varieties, accessibility to all customers

From the raw material selection to the packaging and delivering products, we focus on the quality of facemasks. our good quality multi-layered facemasks are very helpful in the prevention of infectious disease and deadly coronavirus. The disposable medical facemask is an ideal example of personal protective gear because of its breathability, lightweight, good quality, and low price. our products are used to defend the user from liquid contamination and airborne particles.

We are providing a variety of disposable facemasks. There are three colors of disposable 3-ply facemask; pink, white, and blue. These three are common colors, we also accept your special demand and fulfill your requirements of different color and size. other than the standard size of facemask, we also offer smaller size colorful disposable facemasks for kids. The colorful and printed facemasks attract kids and motivate them to wear especially when they go out to school or parks. The most demanded product is the KN95 facemask because they are made up of multiple layers that are soft, flexible, and comfortable. They prevent spreading the virus and are medically approved and can assure you that they save you from the disease up to 98%.

Now, we are here! You don’t need to spend time and money searching for a high-quality disposable facemask. We are just ONE CLICK away. You just need to select the product and quality, add order time, and address on our website and simply add to your cart. We provide our services for 24 hours and make our accessibility easy.

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