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How Much Amount Of Protein Do Dogs Need?

How Much Amount Of Protein Do Dogs Need?

Protein is essential in dog food, such as fish, chicken, and beef, and offers amino acids necessary for proper progress and development. As the pet dogs age, their protein needs to change. Your veterinarian is essential when determining what protein level in lucy pet dog food is required for each stage of your dog’s life.


Puppies are regularly growing and mostly require a portion of food with higher protein than adult dogs. The recommended quantity of protein for puppies is between 22 % to 25 %, which should provide 20 to 25 percent of their daily dog food calories. Large-breed puppies need less protein for proper growth and improvement than other breeds. The pet breed information website recommends feeding puppies three to four times a day until they touch 8 weeks old. At this time, start feeding your lovely puppies twice a day.


Adult dogs with an average daily activity level normally require between 16 percent to 18 percent of protein in their healthy diet. According to the leading Sport Dog website, active dogs, such as hunting dogs or racing dogs, may need up to 40 percent of protein, based on the activity levels. Your veterinarian has the best suggestions for your healthy dog’s protein needs. Adult pet dogs must have their recommended everyday feeding broken down into two equal feedings per day.


Amazingly, as a dog ages, the protein requirements do not change. The feeding routine for your senior dog should base on the dog’s weight, health, and level of activity. Your veterinarian can achieve an assessment yearly to help you determine if your senior dog can require a change in diet. Feeding the dog twice a day is recommended.

Additional Nutrients

In addition to lucy pet dog food, water is essential for your dog as it accounts for 60 to 70 percent of its weight. Like omega-6 and omega-3, fats are required since they are necessary for cell development and hormone production. Carbohydrates your pet dog gets through the balanced diet help with proper digestion and provide energy for the tissue. Vitamins and minerals found in your dog’s food also help with body functions like vitamin A and calcium and confirm your dog has healthy teeth and bones.

Dog food recipe with balanced protein:

The recipe is called “Rice and Hamburger.” Follow the following steps and serve your lovely dos a protein-rich diet food.

Step 1

First, you need to pour four cups water into a large pan. Then add in half a pound hamburger meat and ½ cup uncooked rice. Brown rice is preferable for the dog’s best nutrition.

Step 2

The next step is, you need to chop ½ a cup of vegetables into small pieces. Take more than one type of vegetable, and avoid vegetables that may cause gas, like broccoli. Carrots, potatoes or sweet potatoes, and spinach are good options. Pour all the vegetables into the large pot. Never use onion and garlic in your dog food.

Step 3

Add one teaspoon vegetable oil and boil the mixture until the meat and vegetables cook properly.

Step 4

Remove the prepared mixture from the stove and cool it thoroughly. Drain all excess liquid. You can keep the leftovers in the refrigerator for several days.

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